UTR is running its nursery program at two locations in the 2nd district:

  • 26 Feketerigó street (2/a district, Adyliget)
  • 6/b Torockó street (2nd district, Pasarét)

Our nursery classes are open for children aged 14 months-3 years old. The core of the nursery curriculum is based on Emmi Pikler’s method which enables children to get independent, explore and move as much as possible.

Playing is essential during a child’s first years, first learning experiences must be embedded into playing. The nursery aims to function as ’A Home from Home’ in order to provide a secure background and a loving environment for young children.

Young children learn through direct experience and need to be allowed actively to explore and manipulate materials in their environment. Children have their own preferred modes of learning. Some children respond best to visual cues, others to tactile experiences. We respect and teach to each child's strengths while providing the chance to experience the world in multiple ways.

Free play, the core of our program, offers children freedom of choice and control over their activities. These experiences enhance self-esteem and children's growing need to become independent learners. Experiential learning helps children recognize and articulate both what they know and how they feel. In addition to free play, our curriculum includes various activities -- such as circle time, reading time, and special activities -- which add structure to the day and provide a more guided learning experience.

Through constant interaction the teachers help each child meet her potential and grow socially, emotionally, physically, linguistically, and intellectually.


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