English Kindergarten Budapest


Under the Rainbow is a vivid community in Budapest that includes an international nursery, international kindergarten and an English-speaking activity center offering a wide range of programs and a high-quality education for children aged 1.5-7.

Our English Kindergarten and Nursery is situated in the 2nd district of Budapest, close to the American School and the French School. Being surrounded by the Buda Hills, the children can spend lots of valuable time out in the nature: in our garden, in the nearby park, or in the woods.

The English Kindergarten and English Nursery is truly child- and family-centric where teachers and parents are working closely together on each child’s development. Playing is essential during a child’s first years, first learning experiences must be embedded into playing. A school that is able to function as ’A Home from Home’, can really give a good start to your child’s education and form a strong base to their further academic learning.

We know that stability and a secure background are indispensable for young children. During their early years they need someone whom they can feel being attached to and loved by. In order to provide children with the feeling of safety, our teachers keep their group from year to year providing a strong, 3-year-long, continuous educational program.

We fully understand that in a competitive world, parents want the best educational start for their children. At UTR, we take the approach that academic excellence comes from a love of learning and a strong desire to explore the world and its mysteries.  If children have the tools they need to think independently and feel welcomed in a school environment, they can truly master any lesson.

Besides offering a wide range of activities, we also organise programs for the whole family. Our primary concern is to form a vivid, friendly community every school year!

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1029 Budapest, Feketerigó u. 20.