Feketerigó Foundation



Our kindergarten is run by Feketerigó Foundation according to the Hungarian Educational Law.

Registered address: 3 Gesztenyés street, Tárnok, H-2461

Tax number: 18149526-1-13

Registration number: AM-3224


Dear Visitors,

As you might be familiar with it, in Hungary it is possible to offer 1% of your tax for an organisation or foundation you choose. In case you feel contant with our work, we would be grateful if you offered your 1% for our foundation running the kindergarten. The details you have to give for your accountant are the following:
Name of foundation: Feketerigó Alapítvány
Tax number: 18149526-1-13
Thank you very much for your help!
info@undertherainbow.hu  • +36 30 231 81 81 +36 1 274 72 02  
1029 Budapest, Feketerigó u. 20.